ProX Standard / Stock 69.00mm Bore Piston Kit, Includes Piston, Ring Set, Pin, C-Clips, and Top End Bearing ProX Pistons Provide a Reliable and Cost-Effective way to Maintain the Engine of your Sled High-Quality Cast Piston Made With Dedicated Tooling and Molding Made From Hypereutectic Alloy for Extra Strength and Reduced Expansion Full MoS2 Skirt Coating for Improved breaking in and Resistance to Scuffing Anodized piston dome for increased protection against excessive heat Usage of High-Quality Rings such as Riken for Optimum heat transfer and sealing Packed in a box containing piston, rings, pin, clips, and top-end bearing

98'-02' Yamaha SRX700 02'-06' Sx Viper Stock 69mm piston kit Standard, Mountain

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  • 1998 Yamaha Mountain 700 Triple Cylinder, 2-Stroke

    1998-2002 Yamaha SRX700 Triple Cylinder, 2-Stroke

    2002-2006 Yamaha SRX 700 Triple Cylinder, 2-Stroke

    2002-2004 Yamaha SX Viper 700 Triple Cylinder, 2-Stroke

    2003-2006 Yamaha SX Viper Mountain 700 Triple Cylinder, 2-Stroke

    2004 Yamaha Venture 700 Triple Cylinder, 2-Stroke