Frequently asked questions

I have a 2 cylinder engine. Can I bore just one side?

Yes, you can bore just one side. Boring one side is virtually undetectable.

Will my engine be out of balance if I have one oversize piston and one stock?

No. Modern pistons, particularly forged pistons, are internally lightened to compensate for the larger diameter.

Will my engine run hotter once it is bored?

No, when bored properly your engine will run no hotter than it does stock.

Should I mix extra oil in the gas?

No, do not mix extra oil with your gas. Adding extra oil can cause the piston to run hotter during break-in, excess carbon to accumulate and the cylinder walls to glaze and the rings may not seal properly if at all.

What is the difference between cast and forged pistons?

A cast piston is liquid molten aluminum poured or injected into a mold. A forged piston

is made from a solid ingot and pressed or extruded into shape before machining.

What piston would you recommend? Why?

A forged piston, specifically Wiseco pistons.

1- Cast pistons are brittle and often shatter causing catastrophic engine

damage. Forged pistons are stronger to a much higher temperature

than a cast piston could endure.

2- Forged pistons dissapate heat better and run cooler than cast pistons.

3- Forged pistons are a hi-silicon, low expansion aluminum alloy with

improved cam and taper grind from computerized machining, that

controls expansion to allow tighter pistonto wall clearances. This

increases piston stability and maximizes horsepower.

4- A forged piston is also lighter than a cast piston because less material

is needed to manufacture a strong and dependable forged piston.